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OPEN RUIMTE (Open Space)

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'Open Ruimte' (Open Space)
A bamboo structure holds a white marble plate which carries a blue stoneware oval-shaped form.
Created and crafted by Andrea Stötzer

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'Open Ruimte' (Open Space) The sculpture consist of a white marble plate, supported by a bamboo structure holding a stoneware oval-shaped form in blue. The stoneware sphere is glazed with blue engobe. Dimensions are 90x76x160cm.The sculpture is winterhardy but the marble plate needs to be covered in winter. Around the structure climbers and creepers can be planted like e.g. clematis (variety with small flowers) or Ipomea etc. Created and crafted by Andrea Stötzer. The 'Open Space' sculpture can be made to order. Structure, colour and dimensions can be discussed in consultation with the client. Photographs of the garden/place where the 'Open Space' will be located are welcome for a tailormade design. Delivery: 4 -8 weeks after confirmation of the order.